Sunday, February 10, 2013

Saturday Spankings Participants - February 16, 2013 #SatSpanks

A new week means a new batch of spankings to offer.  With Love Spanks running at the same time last week, we had some fantastic excerpts, so I hope everyone got a chance to hop around.  We welcome readers comments, in fact we hunger for them, so don't be stingy.  This next sign-up opens for new entries at midnight on February 10, and closes at 8:59pm (ET) on Friday, February 15.  Authors, we need your posts available by 11:59pm (ET) on February 15 and your link pointing to the blog or site where you plan to post.


  1. Weird, I entered, but I don't see my name on the list. Hope to participate! :)

  2. I just signed up for the first time... super stoked. Thanks guys :)

  3. I started a Pinterest Board (Saturday Spankings) to pin all my excerpts. If anyone would like to pin their posts there too, I can share the board. Just let me know... beck.paloma(at)

    1. What a great idea, Paloma. Will you need photos, or just a link? I'd like to join in, but I'm not sure how. Let me know.

  4. There are spankings galore on these blogs, though a few don't have their Saturday Spankings post up, yet. I'll check again tomorrow, but I'm not removing any links. Readers, I think you'll really enjoy this week's offerings.

  5. Just in case you might not have seen her post ... Sadey was in a car accident right before Valentine's Day... hence why she wasn't able to participate today. :( Hope you are better soon girlie!!!


  6. Penelope, Thanks for letting me know. I left her link up even though it was last week's Sat Spanks, but I had no idea she'd been in an accident.