Saturday Spankings

Saturday Spankings

How to Participate in SatSpanks

Want to join us?
If you’re a published author, or a writer aspiring to be published, we invite you to join us. The rules are simple.
1.      To be included in our website listing, you must sign up. Click on “click here to enter” at the Linky List link in order to participate. The Link list post will go up the preceding Tuesday at 00:01 (ET) and close on Friday at 23:30 (ET). Note: that is the Eastern USA time zone.
2.     We have removed the sentence limit for the excerpts, but #3 still applies.
3.      Please avoid the following topics and scenarios in your post: incest, pedophilia, rape for titillation (dubious consent is okay), snuff and scat.  These are meant to be spanking scenes, not vignettes of torture or abuse.  If you are uncertain about your content, please e-mail and ask. It never hurts to ask.
4.      Post your sentences so they go live by 00:00 on Saturday. If your post is not live by Saturday morning, you risk deletion from the list.
5.      At minimum, we ask that you post a link back to Saturday Spankings: to ensure readers can visit as many authors as possible.  We'd prefer you follow Linky's instructions on how to post the linky list on your blog, so readers can hop from blog to blog without having to return to the Saturday Spankings blog, but ask you at least refer back to by posting the above URL on your blog if Linky is giving you a hassle.
6.      Your scene can be serious, playful or sexy.  The choice is yours.
7.   If you Tweet, use #SatSpanks to help readers find and follow us on Twitter.
8.   Lastly, readers hate Captcha codes and we don't like them either.  So, be kind and turn them off so your readers can give you lots of praise if they want.

Feel free to grab any of the banners on this blog to use in your post or blog.  That's why they're there.

Lastly, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to e-mail Questions will be answered as promptly as we can.
Thank you for your interest in participating!


Authors, we also have a Pinterest Page that I try to keep updated with the books being excerpted on Saturday Spankings.  Check the sidebar for details, and feel free to link to it if you want. Your cover will point back to your post for that week.


Easy step by step instructions for participating in a blog hop

Here are some easy to follow with picture steps to do a blog hop by Meredith O'Reilly

Step 1: Write your blog. Make sure that you put everything you want in it and make a title for it.

Step 2: Click on schedule on the side bar. It’ll come up with automatic or set date and time.

 Step 3: Click set date and time. A small calendar will pop up. Click the day before the blog hop is suppose to show up. For example, the SatSpanks blog hop comes out on Saturday, so click on Friday.

Step 4: Once the date is set, click on the time section. A little set of times will come up. Scroll down to 11:30 P.M and press that. That means that your post will be scheduled to show up for readers to read on your blog on Friday, at 11:30 P.M.

Step 5: Adding pictures. Bring your cursor over to the little picture icon. If you let it hover, it’ll say insert picture. Press on that. (Note: Before you do that, make sure to click wherever in your post that you would like your picture to go. Like at the top, bottom, etc.)

Step 6: Once you click on the picture icon, you can either upload a photo from your own computer, your phone, or from a URL. For the URL one, just copy and paste the URL from the picture, paste it in to the box that says, Picture URL, and then click “Add Selected” at the bottom of the screen.

Step 7: Your picture should show up. If you click on it, you can click what size you’d like it to be.

Step 8: Right now, your blog post should be in the “Compose” form. You want to go and click on the HTML button to turn your post in to that format. Warning: Your blog will look very icky when you do this, but don’t worry, it’s fine.

Step 9: Go to the Saturday Spankings home page. The URL for it is: Scroll down a tad to the current week’s posts and click on “Get the Code Here”

Step 10: This post is going to come up. You copy which ever link your blog is from. For example, if you use Blogger for your blog, then you would copy the first code. If you use Wordpress for your blog, then you would copy the second code.

Step 11: Go back to your blog, and scroll down all the way to the bottom. After the last set of words, enter twice and paste that linky code that you copied before at the very bottom. By doing that, you’re attaching the list of other people who participated in the SatSpanks Blog Hop for that week.

Step 12: Go to the right of the screen and click Permalink. A link should automatically come up. Copy and paste that link. Once you finish doing that, go up and press the orange button saying published.

Step 12 continued: Once you hit publish, you should be taken to your home screen where a little word in orange should be next to your blog post saying, “Scheduled”. Once the scheduled time has passed, so let’s say Friday night at 11:45 PM, then the little orange word saying, “Scheduled” will disappear because the blog has been published. Then it’ll look like any other regular blog post that you’ve published before.

Step 13: Go back to the SatSpanks homepage and click on the “Click Here to Enter” button.

Step 14: You’ll be brought to this page. In the first box, enter your name. This will be what your little icon is called that shows up on the actual SatSpanks page for people to click on. In the second box, paste the permalink that you had copied from your post earlier. For the third and fourth box, you have the option to enter in your email and name. You can do it if you want or not. I always do it so just in case the creator of the blog hop needs to get in contact with me they can. Once you added in all of your info then press, enter link at the bottom.

Step 15: You’ll be directed to this page. Just press, “Click here” to return back to the SatSpanks homepage.

Step 16: Once back at the SatSpanks homepage, scroll down and make sure that your link has been added.

That’s it. I know that it looks complicated, but after you do this a couple of times, posting in a blog hop is easy. This is coming from someone who is “blogged challenged”. All of the same steps apply to any blog hop that you ever wish to join. Just make sure to watch the date like publish on Tuesday nights for WIP blog hop and Friday nights for your SatSpanks blog hop. If you ever need any more help with this stuff or anything else, feel free to ask me. Though, I might have to refer you to someone else if it’s a really hard question, I only know the basics. I hope that this helps!



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